BGaze: AI empowered accessible diagnostic solution for ADHD

Complete DSM-5 or ICD-10 compliant diagnostic protocol in 25% less time than usual

Get informants on school or work context symptoms to contribute their ratings effortlessly

Worldwide recognised semi-structured interviews, authored by Dr Susan Young

AI provides validated improvement in sensitivity and specificity

Easy to explain high quality detailed report facilitates conversation with patients / parents

BGaze Light explained

BGaze Light is a downloadable software solution that facilitates the process of diagnosing mental health disorders. It uses specifically trained Artificial Intelligence algorithms to interpret the data collected and offer you optimal diagnostic accuracy and objectivity. This easy-to-use software allows you to do a complete clinical diagnosis of ADHD with minimal hassle offering the best patient experience. The whole workflow is DSM-V and ICD-10 compliant, but on top of that provides an additional unique level of data interpretation using Artificial Intelligence to support your decision making.

How it works in practice

BGaze Light makes the process of collecting input from up to 6 informants (like parents, teachers, sports coaches, colleagues) very easy. Each of them is invited to a unique password protected link online, allowing to quickly and privately provide their symptom rating scale answers using their smartphone or tablet.

Inside BGaze Light you can also let patients perform an advanced Continuous Performance Test (CPT) based on a Posner task that forces subjects to actively control and direct their attention. This CPT offers you response time statistics, error frequencies and especially response time variability.

Doing the ACE semi-structured interview while having all informants’ feedback on your own screen (computer, tablet or smartphone) ensures that you as a mental healthcare professional can take all their feedback into account when contemplating your own observations and final assessment. When you’re finished, a fully detailed pdf report provides your patient with an easy to read yet professional data-rich report that reflects the quality of your clinical work.

BGaze Light offers you a maximum of objectivity embedded in a smooth diagnostic process without any additional investment in hardware. BGaze Light requires a one-time secure software download & installation that you can easily execute on your own PC with Windows OS. All data is stored in secure encrypted databases and the system complies with the most stringent privacy rules such as HIPAA and GDPR.

How to purchase BGaze Light

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What clients say about us

CAIA Centro de Atención a Infancia y Adolescencia

We want to show Braingaze our gratitude for their research in the field of Mental Health, which allows us as clinical professionals to be more confident in diagnosing ADHD. Since last year, we use the BGaze Clinic system to support our ADHD and Dyslexia diagnoses. During this year we have seen the involvement of the professionals from Braingaze to complete a diagnostic platform based on a biomarker and the application of Artificial Intelligence. This platform facilitates our work and we encourage them to continue on other disorders such as Autism. They do a great job!

Clínica Lopez Ibor

As a Mental Health clinic, we appreciate the effort of research companies such as Braingaze. Since they contacted us about the discovery of a neurobiological marker at the University of Barcelona two years ago, which is a tool for more objectively diagnose ADHD in children as well as in adults, and after a trial period to resolve our doubts, we implemented the BGaze platform in our clinic. At present we are very pleased to be part of the centers that use the system and with the benefits that the BGaze platform offers.

TDAH Valles, Sabadell

As an ADHD association, with our own team of professionals, we strive to be at the forefront of novel technologies and scientific advances, both in ADHD treatment and diagnosis, which is a complex process. For that reason we learned a year ago about the diagnostic platform BGaze Clinic, which is based on a biological neuromarker. Thus providing objectivity! After several conversations with opinion leaders and overcoming common resistance to change, we decided to use it in our clinical protocol. We are absolutely satisfied with the results.

ACAP Barcelona

We are a clinical center specialized in the research of cognitive disorders. Our ambition is to offer diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders from a new perspective and to offer maximum objectivity. We therefore integrated the BGaze Clinic platform as it provides us with everything we need to successfully diagnose our patients in a short time. This allows us to be more confident and start treatment and therapy right away. Thank you Braingaze!

Centro Neurológico Dr.Barrio

Our center that always advocates the scientific advances that together with our experience makes us improve the quality of the life of patients, is proud to have been pioneers in using BGaze Clínic that more than one year ago we add to our team. With more than 300 children evaluated, we can say that BGaze provides objectivity to our clinical diagnostics. We believe it is a necessary tool and easy to use, as well as having a very operative technical department at all times.

The company behind BGaze Light: Braingaze

BGaze Light is the result of 5 years of research & development by University of Barcelona spin-off company Braingaze. The Braingaze development team is led by Prof Dr Hans Supèr, highly recognized neurobiologist with over 20 years of solid experience in investigating the hard neurobiological aspects of cognition and attention and their disorders. The Braingaze team collaborates closely with leading psychiatrists such as Prof Dr Antoni Ramos-Quiroga (head of the psychiatry department of the university hospital Vall d’Hebron, Spain), Dr José Alda (ADHD lead of the St Joan de Deu specialized paediatric hospital, Spain) and renowned clinical psychologists like Dr Susan Young (Psychology Services Limited, UK). Besides BGaze Light, Braingaze also offers the BGaze Clinic system, which includes advanced eye tracking hardware to capture involuntary biomarker micro eye movement patterns that give an even higher degree of objective diagnostic accuracy. Braingaze is also validating eye tracking based digital treatment solutions for ADHD and advanced diagnostic tools for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Depression and early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The people behind BGaze light

Prof. Dr. Hans Supèr

Co-founder and CTO of Braingaze

Dr. Susan J. Young

Psychology Services Limited

Experts with whom we collaborate on BGaze development

Dr. José Alda

Dr. José Alda

ADHD Lead of the St Joan de Deu Specialized Paediatric Hospital

Dr. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga

Dr. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga

Head of the psychiatry department of the university hospital Vall d’Hebron

Dr. José Cañete Crespillo

Dr. José Cañete Crespillo

Director del Ámbito de Salud Mental del Hospital de Mataró-Consorci Sanitari del Maresme

 Dr. Paloma Varela

Dr. Paloma Varela

Coordinator Child Psychiatry in Hospital Mataro

Dr. Marta Garcia Giral

Dr. Marta Garcia Giral

Child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona

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